Monique Rack Mount Amplifier

Rack Monique 700 watt

This is the same Monique as the Dove Cage version but it is built into a 2U Rack Mount enclosure. It also contains the 700 watt Hypex Class D amplifier. All steel chassis is very road worthy. 

The Rack Mount Monique 700 watt amp

More hand made beautiful power than you will need in most live settings. Gorgeous in the studio.

Have some fun

All we want is a stellar Stage Performance

With 700 watts of power, and the articulation, the "touch" of the all tube Monique, you will love what happens on stage.


Portable and Awesome 

The 2U Steel Chassis has both the all tube Monique and the 700 watt class D amp safely tucked away.

Rack Internals

Hand Build and Wired

Every Rack Mount 700 watt combo amp is hand made right here in Santa Cruz California USA. They are point to point wired to last a lifetime. 

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